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Chicago Booth Alumni Club Chicago Booth Alumni Club Chicago Booth Alumni Club
Chicago Booth Alumni Club Chicago Booth Alumni Club Chicago Booth Alumni Club
Chicago Booth Alumni Club Chicago Booth Alumni Club Chicago Booth Alumni Club

Call for Board Nominations

Each year the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of Chicago, an independent alumni-run organization representing Chicago area Booth alumni, looks for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to serve on its Board of Directors. Our Board meets on a monthly basis to plan and deliver innovative, high-quality programming to both our members and the larger Chicago Booth Alumni and student communities.

As a Board Member you will have an opportunity to work with a seasoned board and various other Booth constituencies in areas such as career management, continuing education, community service, mentoring, marketing and programming.  If you are a motivated and energetic individual who would like to give back to Booth and fellow alumni, please consider applying for one of several open board positions.
To apply, please provide the following information:
  • Your full name
  • Contact information, including a preferred telephone number and e-mail
  • Year of graduation and program (full-time, evening, etc.)
  • Background on your work and educational experience, personal interests and any other relevant information that you would like to share
  • An indication that you are a current Chicago Booth Alumni Club member or that you will be joining the club prior to joining the Board
  • A  statement acknowledging that you understand our Board positions typically require an active commitment of several hours per month (and sometimes more) to attend meetings and plan/execute events and other related activities
  • A detailed statement describing your background and the reasons you would like to be considered for a board position
  • A statement indicating that you are willing and able to commit to these responsibilities

Please submit this information on or before August 25, 2014, to We will begin the interview process shortly and your early submission will assure we have adequate time to consider your candidacy.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like further information.


Jon Peterson, '89

Chairman - Nominating Committee


Chicago Booth Alumni Club
The Chicago Booth Alumni club is an independent, alumni-run, not-for-profit volunteer organization.
Founded in 1990, the alumni club advocates the interests of its members and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. The club provides continuing educational opportunities for the members and promotes the exchange of ideas between club members and the business community. 
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